How to Post a Bug Report

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If and when a bug report is actually needed, please follow these guidelines:

  • Leave the Priority at it's default setting when creating a report.
  • Include your full computer specs.
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible when you are posting information. The more info we have, the better.
  • Please search our forums, Google, and for solutions before reporting a bug.
  • When reporting from PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac itself, be serious and thorough when answering the questions in the report. Please do not simply say "it don't work" or something like that. Those reports will not be of much use to us.
  • Screenshots can help, but are not required. If you feel that they are needed to clarify the issue, please post them.
  • When posting debug logs, if they are really long, use pastebin or something like that. Please do not post links to logs that we have to actually download.

That is really it. Fortunately, not every report is actually a bug in PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac. If that is the case, an admin will simply close your bug report, and request that you post in the forums in regards to your issue. We do this to make sure that we can isolate actual bugs in our API and the program itself in an effective manner.