How to Request a Patched Version of Wine

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*** WARNING: As of 2018, this whole page is obsolete. ***

What? You need to patch Wine to play a certain game? You can't compile to save your life? Never fear. We have a build service that can apply patches to Wine and make them available for use through PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac! It is called WineBuild, and this is how you can request it's services.

  • Click "Report a problem" under the Quick tasks heading:


Fill out the form accordingly:

  • Leave the Priority at the default of Low and from Tracker, select PlayOnLinux (or PlayOnMac) -> Feature:


  • For Title, use the following syntax:
[WineBuild] - Title of your request

For the body of the message, let us know what exactly you want, which version of Wine you want built, and which patch you want us to use. If you know that we already have patched Wine versions with the patch you want, request that, and if it is usable with that version of Wine, we can build it. If you don't know if we have it, please include a link to the patch, along with it's name, so that we can find it and attempt the build. If there are and special build notes that you need to add, please add those near the bottom of the message (any build instructions, flags, etc..).


From here, our team will look at the request and either:

  • Put the patch and request into our queue, in which case it will be built during the next build window (it typically checks every 30 minutes for new build requests). You can see the progress of the build, as well as browse our repository of Wine builds here:
  • or request more information, either because something was missing from the request (like the link to a patch that we do not have, missing Wine version for build)
  • or inform you that this build cannot be done for a given reason (incompatibility with version of Wine and patch or with other patches, that build already exists, or for any technical reason that stops the build from being done