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PlayOnLinux is available in the repositories of a lot of distributions, but with the exception of pacman, the version available is rarely the latest version available. It may be interesting to have the updated version of the software, would not it, for example, to upload the error report. You will find below the three methods that you are offered to install PlayOnLinux on your machine.

Distribution Repository

This method is probably the one that most users will use first. It has the advantage that it will provide generally a package approved by your distribution and thus generally better integrated with your OS.

Unfortunately, this method is not guaranteed to have the most updated version of the software. As for that, the updates on the repositories are not maintained by the PlayOnLinux team. It is because of this that distribution repository version are delayed by one or two revision. This may have the negative effect of not being able to properly use the tools that interact with the site (eg uploading of error reporting).

We urge you to follow instead the following method that guarantees you always use an updated software.

Following the guide on the site

You will find on the site a "Download" section. This section explains how to install PlayOnLinux on your machine while ensuring that you always use the software to its latest stable version.

Users using pacman will still have the latest version available. However, for other distributions, it is recommended to add the repo for PlayOnLinux in your repository list. To do this, just follow the information for your distribution.

For users' Debian wheezy and Ubuntu Precise (and higher), they'll need to install the i386 version of Wine. For this, we must enable support for i386 in your repository manager.

On Debian wheezy

To install wine:i386 Debian, you must first enable support for this architecture (with dpkg). You can then update the repository and install wine:i386

  sudo dpkg --add-i386 sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine: i386

On Ubuntu Precise (and higher)

To install wine:i386 on Ubuntu, you must first enable support for this architecture (with dpkg configuration file). You can then update the repository and install wine:i386

  sudo echo "foreign-i386 architecture"> /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine:i386

Using GIT Version

The git version can always have the updated program. It is only recommended for advanced users and programmers. It has the advantage of providing automatic update button, unlike other version of the program. To install it on your computer, you must install and configure git. Once this is done, you can download PlayOnLinux using the following command:

  git clone

'NOTE:' This command will download the program to your current folder. Consider making use of 'cd' before running the command to get to where you want the files to be downloaded to.


Now that you have installed on your computer PlayOnLinux, I suggest you to read our guide for first use of the software who will explain the basics to know to install and uninstall Windows programs with PlayOnLinux.