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'''Real Name: Josh B.'''
'''IRC: RoninDusette'''
'''Real Name:''' Josh B.
'''Age: 30'''
'''IRC:''' RoninDusette
'''Role in the team: Admin, Scripter, Translations/Docs'''
'''Age:''' 30
'''Joined POL Staff: June 2013'''
'''Role in the team:''' Admin, Scripter, Translations/Docs
'''Site: http://dusette.net'''
'''Joined POL Staff:''' June 2013
'''Blog: http://blog.dusette.net'''
'''Site:''' http://dusette.net

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Real Name: Josh B.

IRC: RoninDusette

Age: 30

Role in the team: Admin, Scripter, Translations/Docs

Joined POL Staff: June 2013

Site: http://dusette.net