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Components / Functions

A "component" is a dependency, library, set of DLL's, etc., that Wine may need to use to get a program to run. The Install Components menu has similar functionality to other apps/scripts like winetricks. If you are looking for a dependency from winetricks, you will likely find it in the Install Components menu.

In the 2010's components were also called 'Functions'.


A function or installer for PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac. When you install a game or application from the Install menu, a script is downloaded and ran, which will guide you through the installation process. During installation, the installer will automatically use various functions to interact with our server and PlayOnLinux's API to gather everything needed to create a Virtual Drive to house your game or app.


A synonym of Installer

Virtual drive

A virtual drive is simply the name that PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac uses for a Wine WINEPREFIX, which is essentially a self-contained Wine environment, complete with it's own drive_c & related folders and everything else. For more information on what a WINEPREFIX is, read here.


The name of the service and unofficial name of versions of Wine built specifically by our server, for use in PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac. Just another name for "Wine version used for a POL/POM virtual drive". WineBuilds can be managed via the Manage Wine Versions dialogue.