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How do I find out if a game will run on PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac?

Excellent question. Since POL/POM is a front-end for Wine, the first place to check, besides our Supported Software section, is WineHQ's AppDB. There are many, many entries for a lot of different types of Windows applications, all submitted to the Wine community by users like yourself. If it is even remotely popular, and people have attempted to use it through Wine, it will likely be listed there.

How to move PlayOnLinux virtual drives to another disk (with more free space)?

Read the advanced topic here:

Why isn't PlayOnLinux downloading Photoshop (or whatever retail application) for me?

PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac does not actually provide the applications. It provides the means to install those applications. You actually have to own, say, Photoshop CS6, in order to install Photoshop CS6. POL/POM does not provide any sort of pirated software in any way. This also applies to support regarding pirated software and cracks.

How can I post a bug report?

How can I contribute an installer for an application?

First, you would want to read our scripters tutorial here: Scripting tutorial

Then once you have written and tested a script, and it is working, follow the instructions here to submit it to us: How to Contribute a Script

How do I request a version of Wine with a certain patch?

Where does PlayOnLinux store it's virtual drives and cache?

All virtual drives are created and store here:


The other files for Wine versions, resources, and components cache are located in ~/.PlayOnLinux/

How do I run Wine/POL as root or sudo?

You don't. You should never, ever run Wine or POL as root or using sudo, or any other privilege escalation mechanism.

My post was closed with a semi-automated reply? What did I break?

Nothing. What that means is that your post is lacking information that we need to troubleshoot, or possibly violates our terms of service.

Check the following links to make sure that you didn't accidentally violate ToS, and that you are posting the information required:

Bash; I really want to know more

Python; I really want to know more